skinny generation: skinny/ DOUR Festival

Friday, 3 August 2012

skinny/ DOUR Festival

Even though it is just the beginig of August, I can surely say that my perfect summer is over, as I just came back from my trip from France.This post I want to dedicate to the DOUR festival (which, took place not in France but Belgium, in the little village named Dour) and thanks to my friend Sasha and French crew that made it just unforgetable.
We arrived there on 12th of July. on the way to the fest the Atmosphere in the bus that we took was crazy, and by the time when we arrived people just gone even more crazier...Happy and tired we arrived. And Music.Music was everywhere. Every where were the brightest and highest people u can ever imagine.  And the dirt. Sea of dirt. And From this very beginning i realised that this is the place I want  to be, people to see and music to listen. 4 day to go 200 artists to listen. AAAAeeeeeee!!!

Day 1
 Me and my friend Sasha found our guys, while waiting for the rest of the group arrival, we all got very drunk. 11pm we r leaving the camping. 11:30 we lost Sasha. From 12 to 4 major blackout. 4 am Sasha found us! This what i call real DOUR woman. Happy, high, dirty Sasha. I love u dude.
I dont really remember what i was listenning to that night ...What i remember for sure is that I was at Agoria's live, but i am afraid not for a long time. 6 am. i am in the bed. and of course music is everywhere....

Day 2
Shlomo, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Sebastian Tellier, Brodinski and Gesa.
Good vibes, good people.. good stuff
We named it second Fuse night, and we know why ;)

Day 3
Parov Stelar, Lefto, the shoes, Sun glitters, Bon Iver etc....