skinny generation: Skinny / addiction

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Skinny / addiction

My sweetest friend has gone away
The price of love, I cannot pay
In times of need, my darkest hour
Twas YOU my friend, to whom I'd cower
You took me up, and made me see
The other side of reality
You've shown me worlds where time stands still
and revealed the gap that only you can fill
where love is none, and friends are few
It's there you've shown what you really do
You've blinded my eyes to all the pain
but my heart you've killed, and my soul you've drained
                                                                                           You've stolen my life and you've taken my friends
                                                                                                                And I feel like it's time for this journey to end
But no matter the pain you've caused me to feel
The money you've stolen or the people you've killed
I'll always remember the good times we shared
The places you took me and the way that you cared
So we'll take this last dance, and then we'll dance no more
I'll miss you my friend, forevermore.

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